After what would be identified only much later as a NDE (Near Death Experience) at 14 years of age, which allowed me to experience the field of United Consciousness of indescribable Love that is to be found beyond the veil and remains the only truth, and at the same time the great illusion that surrounds us while incarnated in the density of our beautiful Gaia…

After a career in communication as an international broadcaster and in the music industry as an artist singer-songwriter…

After multiple initiations and learning various holistic techniques that promote health, well being and awareness…

After having undertaken the 8th Training of Awakening of the Human Consciousness given by French author and former quantum physicist Patrick Drouot in the mid 90s…

My Lakota Heart’s roots were reconnected -first at being the interpreter for Andrew Thunderdog, Wallace Black Elk’s spiritual grandson back to 1996, and the shamanic dimension came back into full conscious awareness in the sense of the Sacred way of the Star Nations, more and more clearly until a vision quest in 2001.

There, I was to be given my Medicine name as well as the information that it was time for me to take back my Medicine drum, in other words to start again operating as a “hollow bone” (conduit for Spirit).

From there, various life experiences have allowed me to become more and more receptive to a guidance that began flowing with more and more fluidity, and in this way to accompany beings towards the quantum healing and re-unification of soul aspects still in dissonance, through various techniques and tools that got refined along time, including the sound of one’s own voice.

You might wonder why I have decided to offer my services as one more facilitator, in a world where there are already so many healers and so many healing techniques available.

I have actually had the opportunity to create some of the techniques I use when in service to another soul while working on my own healing, prior to offering to do so for others.

To summarize what can be a long story and to give you one example of that which can actually be done:

In 2004, after two consecutive major infections in my body, I was sent to a specialist in hematology at the nearest hospital and after many extremely complex blood test, scans, X-rays and a marrow bone puncture during which I almost passed away, the diagnosis was an incurable, degenerative and terminal under 3 years disease called myelopathy. 

My son was 5 back then and it was out of the question to impose such burden to my loved ones just as it was to let this disease prevent me from being a loving and present mother. 

What I did after a few cellular re-information sessions was to simply:


1. Take full response*ability for that which I had been creating in my own body.

2. Make the decision to de-create the dis-ease and re-create a state of health instead.

3. Compile elements of the research I had made and the techniques I had been learning. 

4. Have an unshakable faith in the process and the body’s ability to heal itself. 

5. Totally change the inner talk to change the result. 

6. Understand that all is related and we are made of Water. 

7. Treat my body cells with Gratitude and Love instead of taking the body for granted.

8. Let go of all fear and walk away from the fear-based systems. 

9. Live a happier and more fulfilling life and embrace all that comes my way as it is.

It’s been many years and I am still alive in a usually healthy body and have continued to remain free of chemical treatments of any kind.

This is also why I have decided to share the gifts with others who could benefit such process to regain a much healthier life, weather it is in the physical, mental or spiritual plane.

Consciousness is all.

We are consciousness.

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