All healing sessions can be done in person, by telephone or via Skype (paid for through PayPal)

QRU Quantum Healing of dissonant soul aspects through the return to the Sacred Heart of Infinite Love

Under the guidance of Enlightened Masters and Spirit guides (Duration may vary and each session is unique according to the guidance received)

Life or Spiritual Coaching

Accompaniment of the being through transformational passages, relational, professional, familial or couple challenges through reflexive listening and the re-information of the frame of thoughts

QRU Return to Self-Love

Accompaniment to a more loving and softer relation to self, which allows the transformation of one’s manifested reality, through inviting a new awareness of what is projected from the inside out

Uninterfering Communication

Accompaniment to communication in the professional world to allow solution towards a more fluid form of communication, the return to healthy self-esteem and to the sense of one’s own value in order to dare being what we are in truth

Health is priceless, please contact us if you are financially challenged so that an agreement can be made. Thank you.


In order to pay for a session, once it has been scheduled via email, please use this PayPal button. Select the “Type of Session” of you choice and enter your email address so that we can easily identify you, then click “Buy Now”. You will be redirected to a PayPal server in order to insure the security of the transaction. One to one QRU sessions take place via WhatsApp or Telegram exclusively. No visual needed… (Please communicate your cellphone number as well as your preferred platform before scheduling)

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