Who talks when I talk


To manifest Unity consciousness, step out of the dream of separation and how to set oneself free from the tyranny dictated by ego and his ally the mind.



Quantum tools and practices for the times we are in


Anchoring to Mother Earth, Father Sky into the Heart, to allow the alignment and rebalancing for the being in incarnation, with the shifts we are transiting through, and other practical quantum tools to pass the narrow doors and find back one’s original frequency.



How to accompany the ‘New Children’ and Starseeds

How to approach and bring an appropriate answer to the difficulties encountered in the process of educating and accompanying Indigos, Rainbows, Crystals, Starseeds and all the waves of soul pods relatively new to this planet, incarnating in greater numbers nowadays; How to help children and teenagers to find confidence again in what they have come to bring , and their self-esteem and inner Peace.

(Can be modulated in various forms of accompaniment according to the families and/or educational structures needs)

Voix en Soi (One’s Voice Within) - Journey into Sound and Healing

The sound of one’s voice within as a tool for evolution, alignment and frequencial alignment of the chakras and energy bodies.

The times we are in are indeed pivotal a new consciousness that is settling in a more and more visible manner every day, but at the same time represent more and more sensitive challenges, due to the vibratory amplification of the frequencies we are experiencing.

I was blessed with visions of the times to come in the past years and I can see that which I had been shown unfolding more and more from day to day.

It’s within the frame of such awareness that are offered various seminars and retreats that can last from one day, one weekend up to a full week, according to the participants’ and places requests and availability.

If you are inspired to organize an in-person workshop or a Zoom webinar (minimum 9 participants) please get in touch. Thank you.

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