“Service is bliss.”

– Keya

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Current Offerings

Every session takes place via Whatsapp or Telegram, no visual needed as it is all Energy Medicine. All you have to do is to ALLOW. Our soul acts as a gatekeeper and only that which is ready to be processed can, and will be. There is absolutely no fear to have and fear will be transmuted back into Love in the process. 

Psycho-Spiritual Coaching

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Accompaniment of the being through transformational passages, relational, professional, familial or couple challenges through reflexive listening and the re-information of the frame of thoughts.

Sessions can also include accompaniment to communication in the professional world to allow solution towards a more fluid form of communication, the return to healthy self-esteem and to the sense of one’s own value in order to dare being what we are in truth.

This is a 90 day Program consisting of 9 sessions, each 44 minutes long. Cost is 777 Euros / 888 USD.

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Quantum Reunification

What Is A Quantum Reunification Session?

   It is a journey of consciousness that is accompanied by Keya’s awareness and the Presence of the beings of Light that will spontaneously present themselves to operate on various planes and on various layers of the multi-dimensionality.
   Every journey is unique, just as every sentient being is unique. Therefore, it is quite unpredictable what exactly will take place for each person. This said, there is a protocol to this journey so that it can be 100% safe for the person who receives the gift of Infinite Love that is allowed by the process. These journeys are led with great respect to the soul’s permission and only what is ready to be processed will be. 25 years of experience have made me a safe guide to these, in the Quantum. Life has made me a ‘hollow bone’ so that this service can be authentically liberating.

The Quantum Reunification session is 111 Euros / 144 USD.

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Animal Healing

Keya offers 2 services to support the healing of our animal friends and family members: A Relief & Wellbeing Session as well as Etherical Surgery, which is helpful for those suffering with Cancer and other diseases and chronic conditions.

Keya learnt etherical surgery techniques back to the mid-90s and discovered that our four legged friends and other animal friends are most particularly receptive to these techniques
that allow to operate without having to actually open the physical body.
The reason for that is simple: Animals do not allow their monkey mind to interfere and they are extremely receptive, provided that the disease (typically cancer, rheumatism, arthritis) is addressed early enough.

Our dear friends can take onto themselves the most dense energies carried by their owners and sometimes the place where they live and many of them would kindly offer their own body almost as a sacrifice. Such is the limitlessness of their Love for us.
Industrially processed food, excess of food and other chemicals interactions (non-holistic veterinarian approach to disease and some vaccines), the lack of physical exercise can also participate in creating various imbalances that will ultimately lead to disease.

Healing for animals differs in this that there is no spoken dialog with the animal and all is done in Energy Medicine. The owner would act as a conducer by holding the phone and simply sitting in the proximity of their animal friend until the energy signature of the animal is identified. Keya and her spiritual team will then do what’s required to remove the tumor, rebalance the physical body, restore the energy system, support the animal’s physical organs and will also receive the information needed by the owner in regards to adapting the diet etc.

Sometimes, when an animal is too old and their body has exhausted the ability to regenerate itself, a session will allow the peaceful passing of the animal’s soul and help the owner to accept the necessity of kindly letting them go. In such cases, the grieving process is tremendously facilitated for the owner as well.

Sometimes, miraculous healing has been reported and veterinarian scheduled surgery was cancelled following etherical surgery. These animals (cats and dogs) have been perfectly healthy ever since. Skin disease in horses have been healed and the cause identified when the vets could not find a solution.

Keya grew up as a rather solitary child and developed a connectedness with all sentient beings from a very early age. As a psychic, she has the natural ability to communicate with animals, plants and also minerals. All sentient beings are receptive to the power of Love 💜

Cost is 111 Euros / 144 USD


Sound Healing Retreats (In person, on request, minimum 8 participants)

Sound Healing Retreats are Internationally held, with alternating locations. These are known to be a profoundly liberating and transformative experience where participants experience sound healing from within by using the sound of their own voice. Shamanic journeys are included.

Keya was inspired to create a Sound Healing retreat protocol back to the late 1990s, which has kept on evolving along time together with her own evolution and uses not only the sound of specific frequencies through tuning forks, a 432Hz Anaziska Space Drum, her own Lakota Medicine Drum and traditional Lakota F# medicine flute, her Tibetan Bowl and sometimes crystal bowls and Galactic gongs when in Ancona, Italy, but also the sound of every participant’s own voice.
These retreats have been given to many groups along the years, mainly in France, Switzerland and Italy. It can only be given in person although some sound healing circles have more recently taken place online through ClubHouse.

Every retreat is unique and different according to the individuals’ present into the room and will address the specific intention shared by each participant in the beginning. Keya’s unique gift also allows her to hear the soul’s unspoken message, which is honored and served by her own guidance that she chooses to call Spirit.

This highly interactive Sound Healing retreat module takes every group into a profound transformational experience that deeply liberates every One from all trapped emotions, heals the inner child’s residual traumas and allows every individual to become attuned with their own humane voice as well as to find their own unique note in the great Universal orchestra. This usually allows a profound life transformation, harmonization and will clear the path while aligning every One with their own purpose in life.

All is done according to the traditional Native American healing circle and a talking stick is passed. “In the circle no one is above and no one is below”

Sacred vowel sounds are used to harmonize every chakra and through various workshops
that include body work and most often lots of laughter Joy and Bliss are experienced as the individual reconnects with All That Is and heals their relation with all their relations.

Please contact Keya directly for information on the next retreat.

NEW IN 2022 !!

Three retreats are planned in beautiful French Provence in May, August and October this year, in co-laboration with Pierre-Alexandre Morales, carrier of the Toltecs Agreements and initiated by Don Miguel Ruiz and his sons!! We will marry our respective Medicines for unforgettable journeys where we hope to see you joining. They will be held in French, yet can be extended to English in the future. Do feel free to let us know if you feel the resonance.

Coming Soon !!

– A Master Class in Psycho-Spiritual Coaching will soon be offered online.
How to become a Lighthouse in the times of global shift we are in A path to Self-Mastery.

Do send us an email if you wish to be informed.

“Return to the sacred heart of infinite love.”

~ Keya

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