“The Spirit of service to the Highest Good of the receiver is the base of this Sacred work. Allowing is key.”

– Keya

What Is A Quantum Reunification Session?

   It is a journey of consciousness that is accompanied by Keya’s awareness and the Presence of the beings of Light that will spontaneously present themselves to operate on various planes and on various layers of the multi-dimensionality.
   Every journey is unique, just as every sentient being is unique. Therefore, it is quite unpredictable what exactly will take place for each person. This said, there is a protocol to this journey so that it can be 100% safe for the person who receives the gift of Infinite Love that is allowed by the process. These journeys are led with great respect to the soul’s permission and only what is ready to be processed will be. 25 years of experience have made me a safe guide to these, in the Quantum. Life has made me a ‘hollow bone’ so that this service can be authentically liberating.

   It is important to note that the word Quantum is here understood as the field of infinite possibilities. However mysterious to the human mind -this technique is completely new and pioneer- quite unable to comprehend the very notion of multi-dimensionality, the change of choice is nonetheless very REAL and based on the scientific laws of Quantum physics.
   Everything is done with due respect to the Universal Laws of the highest ethics and particularly the Law of Non-Interference and the Law of Love. The facilitator’s integrity prepares the work so that Soul permission can be given to proceed and only that which is ready and safe to be released or known will be.

   The Spirit of service to the Highest Good of the receiver is the base of this Sacred work. Allowing is key.

“These journeys are led with great respect to the soul’s permission and only what is ready to be processed will be.”


The Session : Protocole

Agreement: The receiver states their intention clearly and their intention is reflected upon them by the facilitator. 

Stage 1
: We begin with breathing techniques and will induce a light state of relaxation that allows the ‘monkey-ego-mind’ to go pick up bananas in the forest 😉 … in other words, to allow the release of ego-mind’s grip onto the consciousness, by its constant noise and chatter, keeping it absorbed and distracted. 
From there, we enter the most Sacred space that is the Universe with’IN, after allowing a synchronisation of the breathing with the Universal movement of contraction-expansion that is ever present, just as the waves that come and go when you sit on a beautiful beach, watching the unchanging movement of the Ocean or the Sea.

Stage 2
: After some rooting of the physical feet and their minor chakras, Consciousness is then intentionally sent right into the core of Mother Earth Gaïa’s Heart (PachaMama, Unci Maka) so that everything which will unfold is deeply anchored into the physical world of matter, also allowing the being to be consciously (re)connected with the Feminine aspect of the Divine Creation. The red energy of ‘Mama Earth’ is going to flow into the body, bringing strength and natural alignment with the physical world. 

Both hands are placed on two major energy centers that are the womb for women, also one’s Creativity (Swadishtana Chakra) and the Heart center of All Love (Anahata Chakra), which according to my understanding is the Holy Graal: “The crucible of alchemical transmutation of lead into gold.” 
It is by bringing back into this highly powerful and most sacred space, that the soul memory aspects (still in dissonance and playing tricks at us beyond the subconscious level) that need to be brought back ‘home’ will allow more freedom, perfect health, harmony and flow to the being, as soon as they are liberated. Depending on the path and level of evolution or simply the present most crucial need, the soul memory aspect that will present itself can be one of the inner child, foetal life, pre-incarnation stage, so-called past life or any Galactic soul aspect that is at play in some unknown space far beyond our human understanding. It is essential to accept that I have no control nor will to control what will be processed. The receiver’s soul and guides as well as Spirit know better. Only that which is fruitful will be revealed and it is important to be free of expectations in this matter.

The Session, continued

Stage 3: With the conscious re-connection to Source, we simply allow golden liquid Light to pour down through the crown chakra and fill, clean, cleanse, rebalance every cell in the body and every system of the physical body while I receive information of what is being done and processed. The root cause of a specific ailment would show up at this stage if not before and some channelled message can also be transmitted if seen as appropriate by Spirit.

The clearing and rebalancing of the third eye and throat chakra are also done at this stage.

Stage 4: The marriage of both the golden liquid light and Mother Earth’s red energy takes place within the Heart space, where the inner child often shows up and some profound exchange would often take place as the adult consciously accepts the parenting of the inner child.

Stage 5: Consciousness is invited back into the womb of Mother Earth and the receiver is made aware of their own Akash (the book of their own life) and will write down their new choice, with Gaia as their witness and in full sovereignty. This is the pivotal moment of transformation that can truly trigger a life change as the being is made free from previous conceptual attachments and realises their own power of creation in their own book of life.


Stage 6. Consciousness is gently, safely and softly brought back to the ordinary reality and the healing is complete. 

Stage 7. The receiver is invited to observe how energy places itself during the next four days, at the end of which they will write their feedback, allowing themselves to fully integrate what’s been processed and go live their authentic self with Joy, Ease and Grace. Infinite Love is ultimately the healer. The relation with self, the gift of response-ability within the physical body is key to the healing process. Expect nothing yet be ready for a miracle. Note: The change induced will keep on operating for months and a great maximum of three sessions generally bring a new reality, including in the case of severe disease. However, QRU is a non-interfering technique that doesn’t implement any particular belief system, does respect every walk of faith and doesn’t go against any medical follow up or treatment received from conventional medicine and authorities.
Energy reading is performed via the lemniscate ♾ that allows me to sense the energy flow and is my indicator. 

Service is Bliss 🙏🏽✨💜

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