Thank you for your guiding session

Thank you for your guiding session that helped me to focus on my energy flow, allowing me to see myself being more grounded and connected to the Source of life. As you say, much depends on our personal abilities to allow, to remove resistance, in order to be able to receive the insights from our subconscious mind or our higher self. I believe that our personal agreement to follow the guidance is already a half-road to success. Thank you for reminding me of our own strengths as spiritual beings and our power of self-defence against any low-vibration thoughts, feelings of external interference. I do not feel any pressure of the issue that had made me ask you for help, I consider it to be resolved. Thank you as well for taking more time to work my other, health-related life lesson. I am sure your work has helped me to feel more secure and peaceful.

I know that any person can benefit from your healing guidance addressing any issue of life, be it a health situation, a work-related experience or a relational issue, since our relationship with ourselves is at the core of any life lesson we receive.

My very best wishes and my warmest hugs to you Keya.

– Elena S.
Présidente S.L.T.A. (26.12.2020) – Switzerland